WelderMate™  Autonomous robot welding system for on-site welding of Søderberg electrode casings

A safe, efficent and time-saving solution

Improves working conditions & the health and safety of employees

Increases productivity & Improves efficiency

Saves time & reduces cost


WelderMate™ is doing the hard work and limiting human exposure to health risks and potentially unsafe conditions. The system is suitable for a rough and hot environment, equipped with a pressurized protective cover. It handles harsh working conditions far better than humans. The result is a much safer work environment for the operator. If WelderMate™ detects any physical resistance, it stops all operations to ensure the safety of the operator. 

By investing in WelderMate™ you will,

  • Eliminate a demanding operation in a hot and often dusty environment
  • Reduce exposure to dust and fumes such as welding gases, PAH fumes from the electrode columns and process fumes from the furnace such as SiO, NOx and SOx.
  • Reduce risk of hand and finger injuries
  • Reduce risk of exposure to heat for extended periods
  • Reduce risk of electrocution
  • Reduce potential risk of exposure to dangerous conditions, in cases of furnace instability


An electrode break can negatively impact process productivity and cause significant losses. By ensuring high quality welding, WelderMate™ optimizes the operation and reduces the risk of soft electrode breakages and subsequent furnace downtime.


WelderMate™ operates semi-autonomous, with increased welding speeds. The trouble-free and effective operation of WelderMate™ enables operators to attend to other important tasks while the welding of a casing is in progress. Consequently, the man hours associated with the welding alone will be significantly reduced, saving costs.


With machine-vision, WelderMate™ is mapping its surroundings for task planning and extreme accuracy. Every task is logged with images and date for documentation, control, and backtracking – all stored in the cloud. The data can further be used for improving operation based on local variations adjustments of working parameters and through big data machine learning. The WelderMate™ is truly ready for Industry 4.0.

WelderMate™ features

360º ARM



With 6 axes WelderMate™ can easily position itself for a perfect weld.

WelderMate™ is made for a rough and hot environment and has a pressurized protective cover. 

WelderMate™ is lightweight, and easily mounted on the systems ‘electrode sleeve’ by one operator.

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Franciscus Prins

Business Director Søderberg Electrodes, Elkem Carbon Solutions

Franciscus is a metallurgical engineer who worked in the ferroalloys industry before joining Elkem Carbon Solutions, 17 years ago. He has many years of experience with Søderberg electrodes and visited numerous smelters worldwide to support Elkem’s customers with their electrode operations over the years. 

Alexander Johansen


Alexander has worked in the industry for more than 20 years. In 2016, he started his job as the CEO of MOMEK Services AS, and he has since then played a key role in the development of WelderMate™. He has in-depth knowledge of the WelderMate™ construction, installation, and operation.

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